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Teaching coordinator :

Renaud Gicquel

Teaching staff :
Jérôme Adnot
François-Pascal Neirac

Research center

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 12
IC-OME1 Introduction to global energy issues
Teaching site :
This course provides the main elements allowing students to think about energy at global level : energy supply, which depends on available resources and technologies, energy demand and its implications at macro-economic level, geopolitic issues, specific problems of developing countries.

The course is comprised of two main parts :
- Technologies and global indicators (main characteristics of the various energy technologies, links between energy consumption and economic activity)
- Geopolitical issues (world energy outlook, specific problems of developing countries, reserves and resources, energy markets)

Evaluation mechanism : Project : oral presentation and small report on the energy profile of a country, presented in light of the analyses used in the different sessions of the e-learning module

Last Modification : Monday 13 May 2013

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