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Lecturers :

Dominique Marchio
François Cauneau

Teaching staff :
Cong Toan Tran
Etienne Decossin
Jugurtha Benouali
Maroun Nemer
Pascal Stabat
Thomas Perrotin

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 35

ECTS Credits : 2
SGS_C3243 Fluid thermomechanics - Lessons
Teaching site :
  • Introduce the approach often known as the “thermodynamics of irreversible processes” which focuses on transfer phenomena related, naturally, to energy, but also to mass.
  • Ensure a better understanding of the behaviour of common fluids (known as Newtonian). Emphasis is therefore placed on the various qualitative aspects of the properties of fluids and their behaviour (compressibility, turbulence, cavitation, boundary layer, slipstreams, etc.), some fundamental physical phenomena (wave propagation, turbulences) that can be deduced from general laws;
  • Ensure a better understanding of physical phenomena brought into play in energy exchanges: conduction, radiation, convection;
  • Apply the corresponding equations through appropriate methods in order to apprehend the dimensioning and functioning of energy devices.
The ultimate aim is to lead to the (dimensional and constructive) study of an industrial system of some complexity.

Programme: Importance is attached to knowledge of physical phenomena and the equations whereby they are governed (not by their literal aspect but through interpretation of the quantities they represent). Theoretical developments are therefore limited, leaving two thirds of the course to practical implementation of the knowledge acquired.
The time allocated to the course is divided between three distinct, complementary activities, each of which involves approximately the same amount of time: lectures, practical work and projects.

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