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Teaching coordinator :

Samuel Forest

Teaching staff :
Gilles Damamme
Matthieu Maziere
Sabine Cantournet
Serge Kruch
Vincent Maurel

Research center

Level : UnderGraduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 30

ECTS Credits : 2
SGS_C3121 Mechanics 1 - Continuum Mechanics
Teaching site :
Objective: Modelling in continuum mechanics. General formulation of constitutive equations. Resolution of linearized boundary value problems in the case of elasticity.

  • Description of continuous media. Conservation laws. Representation of stresses. Lagrangian and eulerian description of the deformation of material bodies.
  • General principle for the formulation of constitutive equations (material frame indifference, parity groups). Thermoelastic solids and fluids.
  • Formulation and resolution methods of equilibrium of elastic bodies within the framework of small perturbations.

Requirements : Linear algebra, fonctional analysis, point mechanics, mechanics of rigid bodies

Evaluation mechanism : Written exam.

Last Modification : Friday 13 July 2012

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