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Teaching coordinator :

Béatrice Avakian

Teaching staff :
Samuel Forest

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 37

ECTS Credits : 2
SGS_MP3623/5 ATHENS - MP12 - Music, Science, History
Teaching site :
Objective: Our perception of the world centres around images and sounds. This course (which is matched by a course on colour, material and perception) seeks to depict, through the example of music in its historical dimension, the interactions that can exist between an art and the sciences and techniques that are related to it.

  • from physics to musical theory: sound and noise, propagation of sound, scales and harmonics, the physical and instrumental characteristics of notes;
  • physiology, perception and music;
  • musical theories from Pythagoras to Rameau;
  • engineering in instrument-making in the 19th century (Boehm system, saxophone, piano);
  • musical systems (scales, chords, temperaments);
  • wood and resonating wood, influence of the material on the instrument, the specificity of strings, wind and percussion;
  • new materials in instrument-making (case study on a bow made of composite material, design and engineering in instrument-making);
  • visit to the collections of the Museum of Music (Cité de la Musique);
  • automatic processing of musical signals for sound indexation;
  • learning to listen;
  • a clarinet concert and lecture.

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