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Teaching coordinator :

Hans Wackernagel

Teaching staff :
Christian Lajaunie
Christian Lantuejoul
Nicolas Desassis
Thomas Romary

Research center

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 37

ECTS Credits : 3
SGS_S1533/5 Geostatistics
Teaching site :
Objective: This course aims at giving basic elements for the mathematical modeling of regionalized phenomena by probabilistic methods. It also provides a first introduction to geostatistics.

Programme: The course is based on three spatial stochastic model prototypes, i.e. the Poisson processes, the Boolean model and the Gaussian random functions model.
  • Two days are devoted to the study of random sets, in particular to their geometric properties and to their simulation.
  • Three days build on the Gaussian random functions model and cover spatial regression techniques (kriging) and simulation algorithms (either non-conditional or with constraints).
While half of the course consists of lectures, the other half is devoted to exercises and to applications involving the public domain software R ( />

Requirements : The Probability course of MINES ParisTech, or equivalent.

Evaluation mechanism : Written exam.

Last Modification : Friday 27 July 2012

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