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Lecturers :

Alain Gaunand
Chakib Bouallou

Level : Graduate

Course Language : French

Term : Fall

Number of hours : 37

ECTS Credits : 3
SGS_S3433 Process design
Teaching site :
Objective: Our health, living standards, comfort and those of future generations are largely dependent on the marketing of medicines, food, cosmetics, perfumes, soap powders, plastics, paint, tyres, fuel, metals, electronics, batteries, cement, paper, glass, etc., without forgetting drinking water.
Access by as many people as possible to all these products and facilities listed above, and within a reasonable time span - a pharmaceutical industry is capable of producing 12,000 vaccines per hour - depends, first and foremost, on the conduct of successive “unitary operations” of processes and the design of organs which conduct them, more often than not on a continuous flow basis.
How can we choose the geometry and dimensions of these organs and the flows of matter and energy which sustain them? First of all, by collating relevant information on the dynamics of such transformations, and the dynamics of the transport and transfer specific to a given configuration, and then by generic methods which take account of such information as a whole. The course seeks to inform students of these methods and to apply them to processes which concern sectors that are, in principle, very remote from each other.

  • convective transport: characterization by timescales;
  • analogy and coupling of matter and heat transfer;
  • drying;
  • absorption of gases: case of acid gases;
  • leaching of ores and immobilized catalyser reactors: case of enzymatic catalysis;
  • precipitation of pigmentary powders;
  • polymerization;
  • practical work on the drying of a food product;
  • visit to a production unit;
  • mini-project dealing with specific cases.

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