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Ecole Principale :
MINES ParisTechMINES ParisTech

Ecoles Partenaires :
> MINES ParisTech, Dominique JEULIN

Langue du programme : Anglais

Lieu Formation :
MINES ParisTech 60 boulevard St-Michel 75272 Paris cedex 06

Niveau requis :
Basic knowledge in probability theory, random variables and stochastic processes.

Admission :
This course is proposed as a specialized session in the framework of the European Athens week, open to attendants from industry.

Calendrier :
November 2014

Coût :
1 500 € net of taxes - Half price for individuals (includes printed lectures notes and Micromorph software).

Contacts :
Catherine MOYSAN - Email :

Durée : 30 Heures

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Séminaires Qualifiants
Models of random structures
Mathématiques & Systèmes

Site Principal du Programme :
Objectifs :
• Examine methods developed in Mathematical Morphology to model and to simulate random sets and functions
• Learn to use these models in many physical situations with a probabilistic approach
• Be able to use the software Micromorph developed in CMM.

Contenu :
1- Introduction and Models of Random Sets
- Introduction to Random Sets and Functions
- Introduction to Mathematical Morphology and to morphologiacal measurements
- Presentation of the Micromorph package, measurements
2- Boolean Model and Random Tesselations
- Basic morphological measurements
- Stochastic point processes
- Boolean model
- Models of random tesselations (Voronoï, Johnson-Mehl, Poisson and Cauwe Polyhedra)
3- Models of random functions ans sequential models
- The mosaïc model
- Boolean random functions
- Sequential models :dead leaves tessellations ; practice of simulation
4- Reaction-diffusion models
- Dilution random functions
- Random diffusion-reaction models
- Fluid flow simulation by lattice gas models ; practice of simulation

Commentaires :
Department Mathematics and Systems
Centre de Morphologie Mathématique (CMM)
Professor : Dominique JEULIN
Email :

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