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Ecole Principale :
MINES ParisTechMINES ParisTech

Ecoles Partenaires :
> MINES ParisTech, Alexandre BOISSY

Langue du programme : Français

Lieu Formation :
MINES ParisTech 60 boulevard St-Michel 75272 Paris cedex 06

Niveau requis :
Some knowledge of mathematical modelisation, duality concepts in optimization, an interest in computer science and programming, the ability to use spreadsheets.

Admission :
This course is proposed as a specialized session in the framework of the European Athens week, open to attendants from industry. Before your registration, send us your CV.

Calendrier :
November 2016 (5 days)

Coût :
1 500 € net of taxes - Half price for individuals

Contacts :

Durée : 30 Heures

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Séminaires Qualifiants
Operations research in the industry
Mathématiques & Systèmes

Site Principal du Programme :
Objectifs :
● Examine three important concepts of Optimization and Computer Science theory: linear programming (LP), graph theory and dynamic programming (DP).
● Provide a solid background in Operations Research so you can tackle real problems in the industry
● Examine the domain of application (spreading from planning, to logistics, from routing to and inventory control to revenue management.

After a two days "crash-course" in operations research that will focus on fondamental concepts and techniques, we will work with them on 6 test-cases that can be found in Airlines or Transportation companies, Telecommunication companies, Services and commodities.

Contenu :
OR Crash-course = two days
• Linear Programming
• Dynamic Programming
• Duality : how it is used in algorithms
• Integer and Mixed-Integer Programming
• Graph Theory : the main models
• Heuristics, Branch & Bound, Column generation
• Advanced Modelling

Applications = three days
• Inventory control
• Planning and assignment problems
• Network optimization
• Scheduling
• Routing, Shortest-Path problems
• Revenue Management

Commentaires :
Department Mathematics & Systems
Responsable pédagogique
Alexandre BOISSY (Consultant Air France)
Email :

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